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Power for breakfast: mixed fruit & oatmeal Smoothie

Mein absoluter Frühstücks-Favorit vor dem täglichen Workout ist dieser ALL-IN-ONE-Smoothie! My absolute breakfast-„star“ is this ALL-IN-ONE-Smoothie! Das perfekte Frühstück – auch vor dem Workout. It´s the perfect breakfast – also before starting your workout. Hier mein Rezept (Eigenkreation!!) – ich hoffe euch schmeckt´s – Here the recipe (created by my own!!!) – Hope you´ll like...


A girl´s best fat burner: RUNNING

I love to jog and run – how often? 2-3 times/week (45 minutes) -you should try, afterwards you feel gorgeous!!! Wozu ins Fitness wenn es draussen auch wieder geht? Running outside is amazing when sun shines! No gym needed – spring time is going to start right now!  Don´t forget stretching afterwards! By the way…...