Trend watch 2017: fishnet tights and statement sleeves

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Trend watch 2017: fishnet tights and statement sleeves

Today it´s about fishnet tights and the bell sleeve sweater.

I hope this will be one of my last winter OOTDs, as I can already smell the spring. Well, fishnet tights are THE current trend of 2017 and wearable under ripped denim or combined with each type of skirts and pants. First seen at New York Fashion Week, pinup tights continued to leave their mark in Milan and Paris, where the European set paired them with Valentino dresses and denim short shorts. I´m sure you already noticed my “badass” alternative combined with ripped jeans, vans sneakers and leather jacket on Instagram. With today´s outfit I´m presenting the more elegant version of wearing fishnet tights (shop here). This combination contains an asymmetric leather skirt (shop here), a bell sleeve knitted sweater (shop here)  and the flower print boots (shop here) I got as a birthday gift. When it comes to jackets, a military inspired touch is one way to take your outerwear game to the next level. So I added my new coat in army green (shop here).  Both, statement sleeves and flower prints on shoes became also trendy in 2017 and I´m sure they will appear quite often in many upcoming spring looks. Wide or puffed up sleeves are currently not only popular on sweaters and pullovers but also on blouses. So one of the key trends in spring is definitely bell sleeves. Fitted on the shoulder and flaring out wide toward the wrist, the bell sleeve is the same as it always was, yet totally different. Gone are any hippy and bohemian references, instead, the new bell sleeve is modern and utterly chic. From sleek dresses to cool tops and even quirky knits, bell sleeves add a unique dose of fashion to even the simplest of outfits. Be sure not to miss that exiting trend.

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