Time goes by so fast… Happy New Year!

Time goes by so fast… Happy New Year!
I still cannot believe that we are there already – Christmas and also New Year´s Eve is over and it feels like xmas holidays 2019 were only 2 months ago. How could a year like we’ve had in 2020 go by so fast? Maybe it’s not that bad at all… Now it’s time to reflect, it was a very tough year for all of us – for some people more and for others less. But in the end everyone had his/her own struggles and I hope that we are all able to take some time to rest and find our inner peace now. Hoping that 2021 will be a better year with much more positive vibes.
To be honest, I enjoyed this years deceleration a bit, as I really had to rest after a very exhausting 2019. 2020 was not really exciting in terms of work and lifestyle but it gave me lots of time to gather new energy and strength. I finally had the time to pause and breathe. This extra time was totally precious to me, but of course all these bad news weren’t soothing at all. Even if I hope that next year will go back to normal, I really want to keep a part of this more relaxed way of life, since it grounds me. I will try to work less but more effectively, to rush less but to focus on the special moments in life and perceive intensely the time I spend in nature and with my beloved ones. Maybe one or the other of you feel the same way.
Of course the best gift one can get is health, happiness and affection. Nevertheless I was very happy about this beautiful present I received from Nordgreen. It was time for a new watch and hopefully it will accompany me through a not too stressful but more varied 2021. Btw, the model I chose is the “The Philosopher” with gold mesh and white dial (40 mm).
Happy New Year! Stay safe everyone!

*sponsored post in collaboration with Nordgreen