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Drink water. Feel alive! The Smart Hydration Reminder

Do you drink enough water? I try, but I belong to that sort of people who are never thirsty, which means that sometimes I simply forget to drink. 🙁 Although everyone knows how important it is to drink at least 2 l per day, for people like me it is not that easy to make it. In...


Ready for vacation

Already packing my bags… What are you going to take with you for your beach holiday this year?   Most important for me: Light maxi-skirts / -dresses and Jumpsuits, high waist denim shorts, flashy necklaces, cropped and loose tops, plateau and t-strap sandals, sunglasses with colored lenses, the straw hat (as I cannot live without any hat :D)  AND of course the bikinis.   I´m so exited. And tomorrow is the last day of...


Healthy-Lunch-Rezept: Garnelen-Reis-Pfanne

75 g Reis 1 Paprikaschote(n) (am besten eine rote) 1 Becher Garnele(n), (Abtropfgewicht á 100g) in Salzlake 2 Möhren 1 kleineZwiebel(n) Öl Salz und Pfeffer Den Reis aufsetzen und nach Packungsangabe kochen. Die Paprika und die Möhren waschen, putzen und klein schneiden die Möhre evtl. hobeln. Die Zwiebel in feine Stücke schneiden und in der...