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What do you think about the summer trend “kimono”? Actually it’s a traditional Japanese outfit, once worn exclusively as a formal garment but now often used as a robe. One specific type of kimono is the yukata, which is mostly worn during the summertime.

Bloggers and models use kimonos to spread some boho-chic in the fashion world and wear them often on festivals. They do look best with shorts, short dresses or skirts, bustier tops, tank tops, over swimsuits, and over any summer basics. The funny thing is that although the kimono is one great piece, it does nothing for us. It doesn’t protect us from wind, shoulders look slouchy, slim figures look skinnier. It just adds a bit of color, and turns a boring basic look into a fancy and extraordinary one. In addition my boyfriend asked if I’m wearing my grandma’s nightdress, when he saw my new flowered kimono… well, no comment!

Nevertheless, I’m so into my new flowered kimono of shein. I paired it with denim shorts, a white cropped lace bustier top, my bikini underneath and my beloved pom pom sandals. It was the perfect summer outfit to wear while hanging out at the amazing Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. Enjoy the island vibes my loves!


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