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As I´m a big SMOOTHIE-FAN, you can be sure that you´ll read more often some recipe-posts related to it . Today: The PRE-WORKOUT Smoothie                            –> 30-60 minutes before workout, easily digestible, MAX energy Ingredients: ½ cup of frozen strawberries / blueberries /...


Healthy Lunch Recipe:: Shrimps+Rice

75 g rice 1 red pepper 1 cup Shrimps (100g) 2 carrotts 1 small onion oil salt and pepper Boil the rice. Wash the peppers and carrots, clean and chop the carrot slice if necessary. Cut the onion into fine pieces and fry in the pan. When it is golden brown add the shrimps and let the whole together...


fit for summer

This post was translated by google translator: For summer down a few pounds ? So just for a while little or nothing to eat? NO -GO ! Lots of sports is important, and more importantly, the proper nutrition. Since then come the fundamental and the total revenue into play. In this post you will find...



C *EXITED* – Planning our vacation for May… Looking forward to the upcoming travel posts – which outfit to wear? BIKINI!!!  …coming soon….


A girl´s best fat burner: RUNNING

I love to jog and run – how often? 2-3 times/week (45 minutes) -you should try, afterwards you feel gorgeous!!! Wozu ins Fitness wenn es draussen auch wieder geht? Running outside is amazing when sun shines! No gym needed – spring time is going to start right now!  Don´t forget stretching afterwards! By the way…...


TBT – THROWBACKTUESDAY: Holiday in San Marino (Italy) – Summer 2012

In my opinion a wonderful place for shopping and enjoying a beautyful view: San Marino presents opportunities which cannot be missed for all “shopping addicts”. Two Outlets and two Shopping Centers as well as hundreds of tasteful shop-windows… Thanks to a lighter tax burden, in many cases it is, indeed, more convenient to shop in...